We frequently hear this word whenever a satellite is being set into the space through a rocket. It need not be used for a height like a satellite, we can launch any activity whenever we need. Activities carefully planned and prepared are certainly to be launched and set on motion. Otherwise life will be slow and will not create a thrill or satisfaction in the individual.

Many scientists have left their efforts not launched and left this world aback. All good thoughts and ideas should be launched into practice.


Giant Wheel

The five fingers of our hand are not of equal size. The shape of our body is not cylindrical. Top to bottom it is uneven. Ups and downs are a natural      phenomena. A giant wheel always tells us the same.

Earth is of zero potential. Everything on it should be neutral. An equivalent and opposite charge will be always there to neutralize the deviations in a charge. When we go up in an elevator, it is certain that we come down at a later time. I believe in the ‘law of conservation theory’. Matter can neither be created or destroyed. It changes its shape or status only.

A person earning a heap of money is digging a deep cavity in his morals. Big buildings constructed by him above x-axis in the 1st quadrant will create his future below the x-axis in the 2nd quadrant. It does not require a re-birth for him to make his account neutral.

A giant wheel is a thing of joy. I hope I should not spoil the same by this deep analysis and reminding the incidents where some cabins of giant wheels met with accidents.



Acts done by people will affect people again. We live in a society of people. The comfort, profit, greed and other things a person expresses are the feelings others will have too. Hence a brick damaged in a wall of society will weaken the entire wall.

A casual deed should not be a real casual! We should pay attention to a casual deed that is required for a serious deed. It sounds ridiculous! Yes, there should not be any casual way of dealing things. Let us be serious in all things and teach our next generations to follow it.


It is very simple that to be ‘simple’ is to be without any complexities. Simplicity is the state of naturalism.  Nature is very beautiful and was created by the God. Humans were also created by the God and they too are beautiful when they are simple. A person appears more beautiful after taking a head bath, combs his hair and dresses simply than he puts on make-ups.

Speaking truth is simple. It avoids all future blames. Simple tunes are pleasant to sing and hear. Buildings with simple design are more homely and affordable. Simple colors meaning the basic colors are cooling to our eyes.

Everything should be simple to keep the society calm, pleasant and happy. I hope this post on ‘simple’ should also be as simple as possible.


I am hungry. I want food. Went to a restaurant. Bearer is not satisfied with my request to give me some food. He pointed to the menu card in front of me and asked to pin point at a specific item. I did it. I have to be specific in explaining to others about my requirements. Otherwise they will be helpless even if they are ready to help me.

We should be specific in our thoughts, life planning and targets to be achieved. Being specific saves lot of time and avoids other problems arising out of trial and error approaches.

There may be some problems arising out of being specific. I am allergic to milk and milk products. When I visit my friend, the first thing formally they offer is a cup of tea. I smoothly reject it. But they ask whether I can accept coffee, milk or butter milk as an alternative. But all these items are not suited to my health. The options left before me are; explain them about my allergies,  trouble them to prepare for me some fruit juice as an alternative or  take risk of accepting the tea.

People with specific habits and systems will be branded by the society. Society will split into liking and non-liking groups.


Eligibility is the most important feature in the process of a renewal. Let it be a bank loan or a social process, a renewal helps the beneficiary to develop himself.

Let us consider a relationship between two individuals. It may be a friendship or a blood relation. A cordial talk or a open meet at frequent intervals keeps their relationship ever green. Even the closest relations may become weak if the individuals are separated for a long time. Humans have brains which can not sleep. They think always in all directions. They try to throw all blames at opposite goal. Misunderstandings develop and the distance between closest hearts may also widen.

Renewal needs a full fledged experience and a flawless record as eligibility. It is a curse in a blessing given by God to the Man to keep himself always eligible for all things in his life for a regular renewals.


I like the moods of people during a festive season. They try to forget all their worries mix with all relatives and friends and move with open hearts at least for the time being. But why not always? Why can’t we make all the days festive?

Many inhibitions and complexities make a human to modify his natural behavior yielding to external attractions rather than internal feelings. If we can observe children in an elementary school, natural behavior of a human can be seen. Joy, sorrow and excitation everything expressed openly and shared by their colleagues.

Let all of us sort out the impurities from our minds and make earth like a Heaven with all the days as festive.