Human – the Dependent

The title of this subject itself makes one think for a while whether a human being is dependent or independent. I am confident that I can put forth my analysis on the subject to the best understanding of the readers.

Let us see the infant stage of him. By calling ‘human’ I mean not a specific gender. Right from the instant of coming into this wonderful world, he starts to pose this dependency question to the surrounding people. He moves his hands, stares at objects and smiles at smiling faces. He can do whatever he wants to do limiting to his physical strength which he knows well. Can we call that he is independent? No. From food to health care he is dependent on his parents. This dependence continues with him through out  the stages of crawler, toddler and teenage and till end of life.

Human just like any other animal is completely social. He cannot live without a society. His developing mind wants ‘new’ always. To feed his mind, he has to move around, search something and visualize something. For all these things his mind helps him. Of course it is the requirement of mind only.  He interacts with persons. Other side person also requires some ‘new’ for his mind. Sharing starts from here. All these information transferred between people is nothing but knowledge. So knowledge flows from one person to the other.

The flow of knowledge is not like a flow of water in a river. Water in a river never will be in a place and it flows searching for a destination. But flow of knowledge leaves an image of it in its place and flows to other place when its owner allows. Thus a human being can acquire as much knowledge as he want. To acquire knowledge he needs a society. His knowledge is useful to the society itself.

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