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Interestingly, a line of clouds carrying water is like a river that is flowing in the sky! The direction of flow is dependent on the direction of the wind that drives it. Water in a river flows depending on the slope of the ground. River has limitations and ends into a Sea. But clouds carry water beyond the Seas.

Cloud that showers water was worshiped as God in olden days. Even today scientists jump with joy when they find some clouds on distant planets because clouds are indication of life on that planet.

Poets since time immemorial, wrote many imaginations on clouds. They used clouds to send messages between lovers in their stories. Dark clouds are symbolized for gloomy situations.

Clouds rain not only water but there are instances of acid rains also. Sometimes fish and frogs also fall with rains. All these things are possible scientifically.

Thunders and lightnings from clouds, different patterns, colors and movements of clouds are all wonders for mankind forever.



Aiming at a target is trying for an achievement. Without a target nothing can move forward. A vehicle on the road, a ship on the sea and a flight in the sky all will have a target destination. Even a pedestrian should have a target destination to come out of house and walk on the road. But if we sit on a chair, what would be the target? It is nothing but to relax. We go to bed to get a good sleep.

Target is sufficient to reach a destination. Then, why aiming at any thing? Aim is a psychological determination that controls our body to reach the destination. The best example is rifle shooting. If we want to score the highest score, we have to aim at the bulls-eye  of the target.

We should have a target to do any thing. We should  have an aim to achieve it. Failure should not stop our aiming a target. Aimless is negative. When we are aimless we are lost in the desert. Let us educate others to develop the habit of setting a target and aim for its achievement.


I fear now that I may not present my ideas in a lucid way that everybody can understand. Why because I am doubtful that I am not perfect in handling this subject. So doubtfulness is the main hurdle for a perfection. Keep it away and perfection is yours!

We can see most of the children right from the age they start to speak, they ask only questions. They go on asking as you go on answering. It is nothing but clarifying their doubts. That is the reason for children of educated parents are bright in studies. Human being continues to have the thirst for knowledge till his end of life. The only requirement is a source to clarify his doubts.

As knowledge improves perfection also improves. When perfection improves there will be no mistakes or problems. When there are no problems, our society is blessed with happiness.


When a small baby cries we rush there to attend. The affection and love towards the baby dominate our attention to the melody in its cry.  Birds tweets and animal sounds are also melodious when we pay attention towards to them. Little words spoken by children are cute to hear.

The above observations tell that there is melody in every ‘innocence’! Then, are the beautiful songs sung by great singers are not melodious? They are grownups. Not as innocent as children or birds etc. Really there are innumerable great melody songs. Those songs are on subjects like patriotic revolutions, worries, sorrows and happy moments. The subject contents in these songs is not ‘innocence’. Still they are melodious.

What makes them melodious is the heart of the singer at the time of singing the song is innocent. When a singer does not think of his surroundings, his remuneration for the song and the consequences or latter effects of his song, then only he can sing it with his heart. Such a heart dedicated to the pronunciation and presentation of the song itself is innocent at that moment.

Thus any thing spoken from a pure heart is melodious!


It is the most popular word among student community. Teacher of every subject asks her students whether her lesson is understood by them or not. If more students understand their subjects, more are benefited. Even teacher also will get credits when more number of her students understand her teaching!

Between a wife and husband this word plays an important role and paves a beautiful path for their life when understanding continues till the end.

In case of common citizens, understanding and observing statutory rules makes them and their society to lead a comfortable life.


Most of the people doesn’t know that a real beauty exists in ‘Simplicity’!. A deer is born with horns. Deer with horns is beautiful. If we put horns on our heads? It looks awkward. We can call it as a ‘fashion’. All fashions are far away from simplicity.

Simplicity gives us a lot of mental peace and thus a good health. If I have a bald head and want to keep a wig on it, my attention always goes towards it when I go outside. A heavy wind may suddenly blow  it off. A tingling sensation or sweating between the wig and my scalp will be disturbing.

So, maintain simplicity and look beautiful.