When a small baby cries we rush there to attend. The affection and love towards the baby dominate our attention to the melody in its cry.  Birds tweets and animal sounds are also melodious when we pay attention towards to them. Little words spoken by children are cute to hear.

The above observations tell that there is melody in every ‘innocence’! Then, are the beautiful songs sung by great singers are not melodious? They are grownups. Not as innocent as children or birds etc. Really there are innumerable great melody songs. Those songs are on subjects like patriotic revolutions, worries, sorrows and happy moments. The subject contents in these songs is not ‘innocence’. Still they are melodious.

What makes them melodious is the heart of the singer at the time of singing the song is innocent. When a singer does not think of his surroundings, his remuneration for the song and the consequences or latter effects of his song, then only he can sing it with his heart. Such a heart dedicated to the pronunciation and presentation of the song itself is innocent at that moment.

Thus any thing spoken from a pure heart is melodious!


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