Aiming at a target is trying for an achievement. Without a target nothing can move forward. A vehicle on the road, a ship on the sea and a flight in the sky all will have a target destination. Even a pedestrian should have a target destination to come out of house and walk on the road. But if we sit on a chair, what would be the target? It is nothing but to relax. We go to bed to get a good sleep.

Target is sufficient to reach a destination. Then, why aiming at any thing? Aim is a psychological determination that controls our body to reach the destination. The best example is rifle shooting. If we want to score the highest score, we have to aim at the bulls-eye  of the target.

We should have a target to do any thing. We should  have an aim to achieve it. Failure should not stop our aiming a target. Aimless is negative. When we are aimless we are lost in the desert. Let us educate others to develop the habit of setting a target and aim for its achievement.


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