Interestingly, a line of clouds carrying water is like a river that is flowing in the sky! The direction of flow is dependent on the direction of the wind that drives it. Water in a river flows depending on the slope of the ground. River has limitations and ends into a Sea. But clouds carry water beyond the Seas.

Cloud that showers water was worshiped as God in olden days. Even today scientists jump with joy when they find some clouds on distant planets because clouds are indication of life on that planet.

Poets since time immemorial, wrote many imaginations on clouds. They used clouds to send messages between lovers in their stories. Dark clouds are symbolized for gloomy situations.

Clouds rain not only water but there are instances of acid rains also. Sometimes fish and frogs also fall with rains. All these things are possible scientifically.

Thunders and lightnings from clouds, different patterns, colors and movements of clouds are all wonders for mankind forever.


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