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Narrow is a negative indicator in many angles of life. Broad is spacious, airy and comfortable whereas narrow is small, unventilated and tight.

Narrow mindedness makes people not to mingle with society. They suspect everyone they come across and do not believe others’ suggestions. They are mostly self oriented. They take support of astrology and superstitions for defense.

Narrow bridge and narrow road are also not comfortable for journey and they are risky too. But Nature do not give us everything in wide. A mountain which is big and broad at the base also becomes narrow as we go up!  We have to accept such things and make our minds broad to enjoy them.

The only place where narrowing is useful is in science and mathematics. Unless scientists narrow down their findings, they can not reach a result. It is their target. A target should be as narrow as possible for a successful achievement.



A unique thing in the world is Clock. It shows the time. A passing time which has no brakes nor a reverse gear is always remembered by looking at a Clock.

Before the invention of a Clock, people used to count time just from a Sun rise to Sun set. That is in the form of days. Later as activities of people increased they started to split a day in to parts. With the invention of a Clock, all their problems are gone.

Different colors and designs of clocks tell us how we love clocks. Clock is a part of our life. Even in the digital world also clock is an integrated program.

Everyone of us have to remember the fact being told by a Clock everyday. Tiny seconds make up a small minute. Small minutes make up a big hour. Big hours make up a huge day. Don’t neglect tiny things!


To err is human. To forgive is divine. Where is punishment here? It is neither human nor divine. When a human loses his humanity and forgets divine, there comes the  need for a punishment.

Human brain is a monkey. A monkey with super powers. It can jump in all directions, it can run swiftly. It always tries to command his boss – the human!. Man always tries to control his brain and its ideas. It is a surprising fact that man can control his brain by putting his physical body to strain. Involve the physical body to work and a part of brain’s concentration is used for it. Allot some work to the brain and its monkey nature decreases. Keeping idle helps the brain to take over the control on it’s boss himself.

People who want to control their brains should prefer a systematic life style. They have to think positively. They should develop good social behavior. They should show a routine path to their brains fixing with horse blinders.

Thus whenever human becomes inhuman, his physical body is to be set right which in turn sets his inner brain. This act is called punishment. Level and nature of punishments depends on the nature and gravity of misdeeds done. Punishments are designed and framed by senior law makers.

A fear of punishment works more effectively than a real punishment. Peace of the Society is maintained well due to fear of punishments only.


Slow and steady wins the race. Haste is waste. All these words say that going slow is a better option. But we are now in a speed age. ‘Run for a win’ is present slogan. If a scientist makes a discovery late in the night and he tries to register his patent after a nap, some other scientist may register a similar discovery during his nap time.

To analyse the situation, we can see that slow and speed are just words of comparison. They are relative to each other. Without one the other do not exist.

In my opinion,  starting slow and adding speed whenever required is a good concept. Starting small is natural. A baby, a plant, flow of a river and everything increases speed as they grow or move forward. A good friendship also starts with few words of introduction and increases to a strong bonding.


Driving  involves lot of attention, care and discipline. Driving a vehicle is taking an object with certain measurements along with you on roads with specified measurements. There are many rules of the road to be followed. Right from the starting point to the destination point it requires full attention of the driver.

I have experienced and concluded that driving a vehicle has lot of resemblance with leading a human life. There should be a destination for both before making a start. Without determining a destination we cannot start a vehicle. Without a targeted work we cannot not get up from our bed.

To overtake a vehicle in front of us, we have to judge the speed of that vehicle and take a correct decision to cross that vehicle. In our studies or career, we have to judge the person who is leading us and take a decision and work hard to overtake him.

There will be pitfalls on our way both in vehicle driving and leading a life. Obstructions like stray animals, traffic offenders and weather disturbances like winds and rains will be there in a vehicle driving resembling unwanted people, cheaters and discouraging people in the walk of our life.

A cautious driving will take us to the destination with comfort and happiness and a cautious walk through life will take us to a happy and relaxed destination.


He is different from family members. He is received, respected and treated well. He is no other than a guest. Why a guest is respected most in a family. The reason is very simple. One is sure to go as a guest after some time to the house of the person, who is now his guest! He expects himself to be treated as good as and even more by the person, whom he treated well when he arrived as a guest to his home. It is a best example for reciprocation.

There are numerous types of guests in the world. First we go with an ‘unexpected guest’. An unexpected guest had his own explanations for his sudden appearance. But sufferer is only the host. Arranging food and accommodation, conveyance and escort, and many more comforts, all are to be arranged without proper preparation.

And next is ‘unwanted guest’. Nobody in the house likes him and his presence. But relations and other obligations make the host to oblige the pressure to receive him. From next moment of the arrival of this guest, everyone in the family will be eagerly waiting for the great moment of his return journey.

And many more types of guests like ‘loving guest’, ‘giving guest’, ‘investigative guest’ etc. Simply to say ‘every guest makes us happy – some by arriving and some by leaving!’


Cross the Brisco Bridge, take a left on Center Way and we can see the wonderful shapes of glass in the Corning Museum of Glass. Originated from sand, glass takes beautiful shapes and adopts lovely colors in the hands of amazing artists. Like any other mineral sand is a natural resource. But glass, one of its products is ruling the decorative corner of the world.

Transparency can be best explained with a glass. Impure heart of a human being is as transparent as a crystal glass. As impurities increase, its transparency gets decreased. When entire glass is smoked, it becomes opaque. Heart full of impurities becomes hard.

Mirror is a form of glass closed one side with a reflecting material. A mirror like man is good for the society. If we treat him good he responds good. If we talk softly he replies soft. Heart should be like a glass and human should be like a mirror.

Chandeliers for lighting, window panes for sunlight and many kitchen items are made with glass. We cannot live without a glass utility now a days. Abundantly available raw material makes glass non extinguishable forever. Let us make use of it and see beauty of the world from highest points like Burj Khalifa.