How to run away from this world of hatred and envying people around us? Take a boat, row it to a lonely island and burn the boat. Island is a piece of land also a land of peace separated from other world. Where there are two minds side by side, having capacity to think individually, there starts the difference of opinion. Along with it arguments and annoyance will start. Thus, an intellectual mind always needs an isolation and opportunity to allow its imagination to grow full-fledged.

Man is becoming busy, rather to say, he is making himself busy with his innovations. Computers are there to make his work faster. Super fast computers are being invented but Man is not finding time to take some rest. He is inventing machines to do his work besides that he is inventing more and more work! He is caught in a cycle of ‘achievements’. There would not be any end for this except to come out of it and run away from this world.

People who can afford are owning islands for taking a break from their routine. Island is a hope of survival for sailors who are lost in the sea. It would be great luck sometimes to find an island in the sea. Due to changing levels of sea waters, some islands are submerged and may not be visible even if they are a few inches below the water level.

What I feel is man has to develop himself in the real world and after attaining maturity only he has to try for a break to an island but not the reverse, because Human is always a dependent on Society.


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