It is a magical word. It provokes lot of emotions in our brain. It shows lot of authority in it. It is the word ‘Forbidden’. If God has not ‘Forbidden’ that fruit, we would not have all these problems.

There area hundred rooms in your palace. You open and show me ninety nine of them and request me not to ask about the last room. Immediately all the ninety nine rooms are gone from my thoughts and only one, the last room will start haunting my mind. That is where the monkey in the mind jumps out. In order to create this world God also played the same trick.

It is nothing but a curiosity which is natural for human beings. Without curiosity discoveries and inventions won’t take place and development and progress of mankind is also not imaginable.

But before trespassing the forbidden rules, one has to know or expect the consequences and get himself prepared for them. Let it be fruit or fight, the outcome of opening the forbidden will be mostly unexpected. The grade of surprise depends on intelligence of the creator of forbidden rules.

Forbidden or restriction rules are always good for both sides as long as they are not trespassed.


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