Cross the Brisco Bridge, take a left on Center Way and we can see the wonderful shapes of glass in the Corning Museum of Glass. Originated from sand, glass takes beautiful shapes and adopts lovely colors in the hands of amazing artists. Like any other mineral sand is a natural resource. But glass, one of its products is ruling the decorative corner of the world.

Transparency can be best explained with a glass. Impure heart of a human being is as transparent as a crystal glass. As impurities increase, its transparency gets decreased. When entire glass is smoked, it becomes opaque. Heart full of impurities becomes hard.

Mirror is a form of glass closed one side with a reflecting material. A mirror like man is good for the society. If we treat him good he responds good. If we talk softly he replies soft. Heart should be like a glass and human should be like a mirror.

Chandeliers for lighting, window panes for sunlight and many kitchen items are made with glass. We cannot live without a glass utility now a days. Abundantly available raw material makes glass non extinguishable forever. Let us make use of it and see beauty of the world from highest points like Burj Khalifa.


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