He is different from family members. He is received, respected and treated well. He is no other than a guest. Why a guest is respected most in a family. The reason is very simple. One is sure to go as a guest after some time to the house of the person, who is now his guest! He expects himself to be treated as good as and even more by the person, whom he treated well when he arrived as a guest to his home. It is a best example for reciprocation.

There are numerous types of guests in the world. First we go with an ‘unexpected guest’. An unexpected guest had his own explanations for his sudden appearance. But sufferer is only the host. Arranging food and accommodation, conveyance and escort, and many more comforts, all are to be arranged without proper preparation.

And next is ‘unwanted guest’. Nobody in the house likes him and his presence. But relations and other obligations make the host to oblige the pressure to receive him. From next moment of the arrival of this guest, everyone in the family will be eagerly waiting for the great moment of his return journey.

And many more types of guests like ‘loving guest’, ‘giving guest’, ‘investigative guest’ etc. Simply to say ‘every guest makes us happy – some by arriving and some by leaving!’


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