Driving  involves lot of attention, care and discipline. Driving a vehicle is taking an object with certain measurements along with you on roads with specified measurements. There are many rules of the road to be followed. Right from the starting point to the destination point it requires full attention of the driver.

I have experienced and concluded that driving a vehicle has lot of resemblance with leading a human life. There should be a destination for both before making a start. Without determining a destination we cannot start a vehicle. Without a targeted work we cannot not get up from our bed.

To overtake a vehicle in front of us, we have to judge the speed of that vehicle and take a correct decision to cross that vehicle. In our studies or career, we have to judge the person who is leading us and take a decision and work hard to overtake him.

There will be pitfalls on our way both in vehicle driving and leading a life. Obstructions like stray animals, traffic offenders and weather disturbances like winds and rains will be there in a vehicle driving resembling unwanted people, cheaters and discouraging people in the walk of our life.

A cautious driving will take us to the destination with comfort and happiness and a cautious walk through life will take us to a happy and relaxed destination.


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