To err is human. To forgive is divine. Where is punishment here? It is neither human nor divine. When a human loses his humanity and forgets divine, there comes the  need for a punishment.

Human brain is a monkey. A monkey with super powers. It can jump in all directions, it can run swiftly. It always tries to command his boss – the human!. Man always tries to control his brain and its ideas. It is a surprising fact that man can control his brain by putting his physical body to strain. Involve the physical body to work and a part of brain’s concentration is used for it. Allot some work to the brain and its monkey nature decreases. Keeping idle helps the brain to take over the control on it’s boss himself.

People who want to control their brains should prefer a systematic life style. They have to think positively. They should develop good social behavior. They should show a routine path to their brains fixing with horse blinders.

Thus whenever human becomes inhuman, his physical body is to be set right which in turn sets his inner brain. This act is called punishment. Level and nature of punishments depends on the nature and gravity of misdeeds done. Punishments are designed and framed by senior law makers.

A fear of punishment works more effectively than a real punishment. Peace of the Society is maintained well due to fear of punishments only.


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