Daily Prompt: Surface

via Daily Prompt: Surface

Surface is an apparent part where as the part under the surface is invisible.

Human body is covered with skin which is an apparent part. In traditional medical methods doctors used to diagnose internal body problems by observing the external skin of a human being.

Psychologists say ‘face is the index of mind’. Our internal feelings and thoughts are surfaced on our face with expressions and can be read by others.

Concealment and camouflage are used on external body of humans during military  activities and hunting wild animals.

It is very difficult to understand inner part just by observing the external surface. The surface of earth is best example for this. The inner part of an ocean is not so calm as it appears from outside. The inner part of earth is not so plain and cool as it appears on surface.

Don’t believe  calm and cool surfaces because there may be quicksands behind any of them.


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