Daily Prompt: Sidewalk

via Daily Prompt: Sidewalk

One day when I was walking on the edge of a road, I was stopped by a loud horn of a car behind me. The driver in the car questioned me. “Why you are walking on the road and blocking our road?”. I looked around and asked him. “Can you please show me my pavement?” He looked aside. His eyes widened and looked along both sides of the road and said. “Sorry Gentleman! I am new to this area.” His car moved away slowly showing the heaviness of his heart.

Most of the towns in our country do not have sidewalks. Reason may be lack of funds with the local governments. No road tax is collected from walkers. It may also be a reason for not providing them a path for walking.

At some places good and wide footpaths are provided for the pedestrians. But most of them are occupied by petty hawkers and beggars. They are permanent residents of those places. Nobody can move them away from there.

Sidewalks help us to remember the walk which is a natural movement given by God to the humans. Sitting and sleeping postures are for relaxing. Walking only can energize our body besides taking us to different places in a open space. A fearless and free walk is possible only on sidewalks.


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