If speech is silver, silence is golden. And if speech is golden, silence is Diamond. You can cut any hard situation with a diamond that is with a silence. Silence is an apt answer for  all annoying questions. It stops exposure of our innocence or lack of knowledge to others in public places. It helps to control our anger and irritation on others and avoids untoward incidents.

Prayer requires surroundings with silence. Our mind requires silence to get itself focus on any serious task. Though it is capable of multi-tasking, our mind prefers silent environment to pinpoint or concentrate itself during serious and important thinking.

But for people who are habituated to noisy surroundings, silence is fearful. Any little sound will be like a big bang in a silent situation. Silence is symbolic for peace and pleasantness. Loud noise represents war and fear.

Silence is a platform for enjoying, analyzing and understanding music. One needs lot of courage to sing or speak in a silent environment. Because any small mistake can be heard clearly by others. Breaking a silence is an art and a few people can do it.


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