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Do you know why children obey most of their parents’ orders? It is because of their great size when compared to their children. A Giant size naturally creates a command and fear in everyone. Once a Giant speaks lovingly and becomes a friend then children will get rid of their fears.

A size do really matters in every thing. We love to live in a big car. We like to have a big car. Everyone desires to have a big support behind them in every act of live. Giant is an admirable word. Humans describe their Gods as Giants and worship their huge idols. Power and magnanimity appear in Giant structures.

Gigantic size has many advantages. It appears from a long distance. It gives shade in sunlight for the surrounding area. It depicts the importance given to it by the maker. But important thing to be noted is a Giant structure either an idol or a human should be sturdy and balanced to be liked and remembered by everyone forever.



Curiosity is the key for all successes. Human beings are blessed with the gift of abundant curiosity by the God and it is the magic which is making their lives ever interesting. It starts from the moment a baby comes out into this world and lasts till its last breath.

Many questions like ‘What is going on behind it?’ and ‘What happens if it is not like that? will make every thing in life interesting.

‘Banned’ is a boulder that tries to stop the magnanimous river of Curiosity which always tries to break the boulder with it’s force.

Why there should be a ‘banned’ at all? Curiosity should be controlled with an individual’s  intelligence and discipline. If not it may hurt others interests. Thus in the interest of others to maintain discipline in a society some activities are banned depending on their requirement.

If we are banned to enter into an area, the area may be unhealthy for us or it may cause a harm. ‘Banned’ is important for an individual in the interest of the society and ‘Curiosity’ is equally important for an individual for the development of society together with an individual.


Before a Computer came in to our lives, Windows were just some see-through holes in the walls of our house. Mouse was an animal. Hard drive was a really difficult ghat-road drive. Cut was happened by a knife and paste was done by a glue. Memory was related to my remembrance.

Millions is mostly used in counting money. Money is getting multiplied by itself when it is in the hands of rich people. Hundreds gone up to thousands, thousands gone up to millions. Millions, Trillions and so on, the numeric value goes on progressive and is used for counting money and other objects.

Many objects are counted in millions in huge factories producing goods. These numbers are related to the accounts of the relevant industry. But for a common man huge numbers like millions are interested when are related to money. When he possess the money he wants to get it multiplied and when he does not posses it, he will try his best to achieve it.


In many cases a queue represents the word waiting. Once we stand in a queue, it means we have to wait for our turn. Waiting is a test for our patience. Having more patience is more good for health. Thus getting through more waiting is also good for health.

Waiting helps us to think again about our purpose. Take a review of it before making a commitment. It gives an opportunity to have an exchange of views with others who are in the queue along with us.

Waiting indicates that the active end of the queue is working perfectly in processing the issues for which we are waiting and it should be encouraged.

A lot of things should be glanced when we are in a queue and waiting for something. Think whether there is any other similar queue that can serve our purpose and save time. Can we postpone the appointment and plan for a less waiting one after some time? Because time is the most precious thing in this world.

Waiting is a devil against the divine Time. It is a negative product of time management. Those who are experts in time management have minimum waiting time.

Though preparation for the worst is not always applicable, waiting is a Hope for the best. Things like waiting for a Spring during Winter and waiting for a sunshine during rainy days will always keep us happy.


It was inevitable and I had to change my places from my childhood to employment with a stay of a few years only at each place due to office transfers of my dad and myself. Later I realized the importance of staying for a long period at a place and adopt it as ‘Local’.

First thing we gain is lot of friends when we are a local person. Friendship develops with continued contacts. And next comes the popularity. Though we are not politicians a kind of recognition of our talents and character among local people gives us a satisfaction and encouragement.

Due to employment, livelihood, business and many other things today many of us are forced to live in other places among unknown people. I am very much worried about the situations like a person met with an accident on a road not attended immediately as he is not recognized by others. The feeling of ‘Local’ gradually ceases when a town becomes city and grows more and more big.

A person feeling lonely and stuck to a pub spends more time there and feels it as his ‘Local’. An employee works with his colleagues and feels his office as his ‘Local’. These are small units of local satisfaction and is required for the present day as there is no other way.

Let there be a mixed age group of persons both gender in our local unit. It will be a perfect replica of our ideal ‘Local’ unit. We can get affections, advises and friends in a such people.


Anything excess is not advised. Excess food intake creates lot of health problems. Excess property drowns us into strains and stresses. Excess size of cloths makes our appearance awkward.

A patting or a praise will definitely give us encouragement. But a limitless praising called flattery appears indecent and unusual in public. The magic of flattery is the receiving person does not decline the comment and the audience dare not to stop it.   Everybody knows that the targeted person is being carried away by the praising people and they are expecting a favor from him.

The benefits of flattery can be achieved and are required too when encouraging children while teaching them habits and education. It should be stopped at an age when the child attains age of understanding the difference between a praise and flattery.

Active propagation of flattery can be seen in political activities and official promotions. We cannot deny the closeness of bribery with flattery.