It was inevitable and I had to change my places from my childhood to employment with a stay of a few years only at each place due to office transfers of my dad and myself. Later I realized the importance of staying for a long period at a place and adopt it as ‘Local’.

First thing we gain is lot of friends when we are a local person. Friendship develops with continued contacts. And next comes the popularity. Though we are not politicians a kind of recognition of our talents and character among local people gives us a satisfaction and encouragement.

Due to employment, livelihood, business and many other things today many of us are forced to live in other places among unknown people. I am very much worried about the situations like a person met with an accident on a road not attended immediately as he is not recognized by others. The feeling of ‘Local’ gradually ceases when a town becomes city and grows more and more big.

A person feeling lonely and stuck to a pub spends more time there and feels it as his ‘Local’. An employee works with his colleagues and feels his office as his ‘Local’. These are small units of local satisfaction and is required for the present day as there is no other way.

Let there be a mixed age group of persons both gender in our local unit. It will be a perfect replica of our ideal ‘Local’ unit. We can get affections, advises and friends in a such people.


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