In many cases a queue represents the word waiting. Once we stand in a queue, it means we have to wait for our turn. Waiting is a test for our patience. Having more patience is more good for health. Thus getting through more waiting is also good for health.

Waiting helps us to think again about our purpose. Take a review of it before making a commitment. It gives an opportunity to have an exchange of views with others who are in the queue along with us.

Waiting indicates that the active end of the queue is working perfectly in processing the issues for which we are waiting and it should be encouraged.

A lot of things should be glanced when we are in a queue and waiting for something. Think whether there is any other similar queue that can serve our purpose and save time. Can we postpone the appointment and plan for a less waiting one after some time? Because time is the most precious thing in this world.

Waiting is a devil against the divine Time. It is a negative product of time management. Those who are experts in time management have minimum waiting time.

Though preparation for the worst is not always applicable, waiting is a Hope for the best. Things like waiting for a Spring during Winter and waiting for a sunshine during rainy days will always keep us happy.


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