Before a Computer came in to our lives, Windows were just some see-through holes in the walls of our house. Mouse was an animal. Hard drive was a really difficult ghat-road drive. Cut was happened by a knife and paste was done by a glue. Memory was related to my remembrance.

Millions is mostly used in counting money. Money is getting multiplied by itself when it is in the hands of rich people. Hundreds gone up to thousands, thousands gone up to millions. Millions, Trillions and so on, the numeric value goes on progressive and is used for counting money and other objects.

Many objects are counted in millions in huge factories producing goods. These numbers are related to the accounts of the relevant industry. But for a common man huge numbers like millions are interested when are related to money. When he possess the money he wants to get it multiplied and when he does not posses it, he will try his best to achieve it.


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