Curiosity is the key for all successes. Human beings are blessed with the gift of abundant curiosity by the God and it is the magic which is making their lives ever interesting. It starts from the moment a baby comes out into this world and lasts till its last breath.

Many questions like ‘What is going on behind it?’ and ‘What happens if it is not like that? will make every thing in life interesting.

‘Banned’ is a boulder that tries to stop the magnanimous river of Curiosity which always tries to break the boulder with it’s force.

Why there should be a ‘banned’ at all? Curiosity should be controlled with an individual’s ¬†intelligence and discipline. If not it may hurt others interests. Thus in the interest of others to maintain discipline in a society some activities are banned depending on their requirement.

If we are banned to enter into an area, the area may be unhealthy for us or it may cause a harm. ‘Banned’ is important for an individual in the interest of the society and ‘Curiosity’ is equally important for an individual for the development of society together with an individual.


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