Do you know why children obey most of their parents’ orders? It is because of their great size when compared to their children. A Giant size naturally creates a command and fear in everyone. Once a Giant speaks lovingly and becomes a friend then children will get rid of their fears.

A size do really matters in every thing. We love to live in a big car. We like to have a big car. Everyone desires to have a big support behind them in every act of live. Giant is an admirable word. Humans describe their Gods as Giants and worship their huge idols. Power and magnanimity appear in Giant structures.

Gigantic size has many advantages. It appears from a long distance. It gives shade in sunlight for the surrounding area. It depicts the importance given to it by the maker. But important thing to be noted is a Giant structure either an idol or a human should be sturdy and balanced to be liked and remembered by everyone forever.


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