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When I see a faded painting in any exhibition, I always try to imagine the beauty of its original behind its fading. Appearance of a man from his childhood to old age gets various hues and lines on it making every stage different from the other. The melting heart inside and the pleasing speech outside makes his beauty attractive at all ages. But objects can neither express their feelings nor cleanup their fading. So we should try to look behind the fading of the object to enjoy its beauty.

Fading is a bad process for all good things. But it is a good process for all bad things. All our worries and sorrows should be faded away with passing of time. Otherwise worries will stop prospects in life of human beings. Great losses like death of close relation and failure in career are to be faded away in memories of a human life and it will bring back happiness to him.

A faded cloth may be of rich colors and liked by many when it was made. A poor man may be a faded rich person.



My dad thought about my future and tried his best to set a path to my future. I followed the same path and my son will follow the same for his son. This has been going on since time immemorial in the human race.

Man always thought of his and his family future. He skimmed out the best practices and systems from his life and taught them to his children. He asked them to practice and carry on those practices to the generations down the future. He attached some god-fear to those traditions for the future generations who may not care for the words of their parents. All such practices become a Culture.

Culture contains many good practices followed by our elders. They are framed by people of several generations. Most of them are still useful for the current generation. Thus culture saves lot of time for research and development  Various foods, cosmetics and organic medicines that are traditional are outcome of our culture.

Family systems, relationships and respects are strongly framed in our culture. Our healthy bodies and healthy habits are also the fruits of our culture. Let us respect our culture and carry it forward to other generations to come.


Human life span depends mainly on his genetic record. If he lives a life similar to his father’s with all food and behavioral habits, he can live to the full extent of his father’s life or even more. But it is not practically easy and he has to adopt himself to different environment, different food and habits.

He earns money and builds up property anticipating a longer life. He makes relations and develops stronger bonds as if there is no death for him.

An artist wants to make his contribution to his beloved art. An employee wants to make justice to his job. A scientist wants to invent a great thing in his research. Everyone who is  deeply involved in his activity does not want to die.

But everyone require strong vigor to fulfill their ambitions. Without vigor one cannot enjoy his life to its full extent. Health is wealth and a strong mind will be in a strong body only.

Keep away from bad habits. Maintain cleanliness. Let good thoughts come from all directions of the mind. Do regular workout. Try to learn the art of hearing to your body requirements and follow.


Is it a reason for all worries? Or is it a reason for all successes? It may be true but anticipations keeps us always in tension. Either we anticipate a success or a failure, our mind will be eager to know the result and develops tension within till the last minute.

Once the result is known the reaction is relative to the weight of the anticipation. Positive anticipation with a negative result gives lot of disappointment. Negative anticipation with positive result is a surprise and excitement. Both feelings are not good for health, when they are of high degree.

So we can anticipate any thing as we wish but it should always be scientific and calculative to match with the final result. Simply to say, I should not anticipate a first rank in the examination when I have not at all opened the subject book and engaged in other activities.


Live to learn rather than live to earn. Learning is an activity of the brain. As long as our brain is active, we are fit for learning.

Learning is an interesting activity. It is just like unwrapping packs of information that mind wants to know. Each unwrapping satisfies the curiosity of the brain and improves its knowledge.

The more you know about the world the small it becomes. Great things felt earlier become silly when our knowledge improves. As we go up in a plane objects on earth appear smaller smaller and smaller. As knowledge improves society around us looks smaller. People committing mistakes appear innocent. Cruelty seems pardonable. Man becomes God when he gains full knowledge.

Knowledge will tell us path to progress. Knowledge will give us capacity to advice others. A man with knowledge is a God on this earth.


A happening beyond expectation is a surprise and a magic. Children are interested in magic. They want excitement through surprises. Magic gives a relaxation to elders. If they know science behind it they will enjoy the art of the magician. Otherwise they feel the surprise and excitement.

To divert children from odd things and get their attention towards studies, magics do help their parents. But elders wait and expect magics when they are in troubles and do not find ways and means to come out.

It is a word which has no constructive and destructive features but liked and welcomed by each and everyone. It is a non-existing super natural expectation.


Sometimes it is difficult to make our feeling understood by others. It is so hot that the Sun is searching for a shelter! It is a hyperbole to say that it is very hot. The degree of seriousness is well understood when it is described in a hyperbole.

Hyperbolic plane in geometry describes it as multidimensional. Hyperbole also expresses high end of our expressions. Some people make it a habit to speak always hyperbole. It is interesting to hear such metaphors up to some extent only. Excess of it becomes unbearable.