Human life span depends mainly on his genetic record. If he lives a life similar to his father’s with all food and behavioral habits, he can live to the full extent of his father’s life or even more. But it is not practically easy and he has to adopt himself to different environment, different food and habits.

He earns money and builds up property anticipating a longer life. He makes relations and develops stronger bonds as if there is no death for him.

An artist wants to make his contribution to his beloved art. An employee wants to make justice to his job. A scientist wants to invent a great thing in his research. Everyone who is  deeply involved in his activity does not want to die.

But everyone require strong vigor to fulfill their ambitions. Without vigor one cannot enjoy his life to its full extent. Health is wealth and a strong mind will be in a strong body only.

Keep away from bad habits. Maintain cleanliness. Let good thoughts come from all directions of the mind. Do regular workout. Try to learn the art of hearing to your body requirements and follow.


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