My dad thought about my future and tried his best to set a path to my future. I followed the same path and my son will follow the same for his son. This has been going on since time immemorial in the human race.

Man always thought of his and his family future. He skimmed out the best practices and systems from his life and taught them to his children. He asked them to practice and carry on those practices to the generations down the future. He attached some god-fear to those traditions for the future generations who may not care for the words of their parents. All such practices become a Culture.

Culture contains many good practices followed by our elders. They are framed by people of several generations. Most of them are still useful for the current generation. Thus culture saves lot of time for research and development  Various foods, cosmetics and organic medicines that are traditional are outcome of our culture.

Family systems, relationships and respects are strongly framed in our culture. Our healthy bodies and healthy habits are also the fruits of our culture. Let us respect our culture and carry it forward to other generations to come.


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