When I see a faded painting in any exhibition, I always try to imagine the beauty of its original behind its fading. Appearance of a man from his childhood to old age gets various hues and lines on it making every stage different from the other. The melting heart inside and the pleasing speech outside makes his beauty attractive at all ages. But objects can neither express their feelings nor cleanup their fading. So we should try to look behind the fading of the object to enjoy its beauty.

Fading is a bad process for all good things. But it is a good process for all bad things. All our worries and sorrows should be faded away with passing of time. Otherwise worries will stop prospects in life of human beings. Great losses like death of close relation and failure in career are to be faded away in memories of a human life and it will bring back happiness to him.

A faded cloth may be of rich colors and liked by many when it was made. A poor man may be a faded rich person.


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