Any important impression or scene needs to be preserved in our mind for getting the happy memories or good thoughts by looking at it in future times. To fulfill this requirement man invented the art of writing stories, drawing pictures and making sculptures. As technology improved, photography and digitization came into existence.

Panoply is not alone for the satisfaction of an individual but it can be a history for the following  generations. When I am going through my family photo album, I can see the changes came in me and my family members. I can see the changes came in the dress and fashion. Technology change from black and white to color photography also can be seen in those photos

History is being learnt from writings on stones, sculptures found in temples and many articles of ages old excavated from the earth. Stamp collection reminds us important events of the past. Music collection brings lot of treasures init.

We can see some peculiar hobbies of collecting broken parts of machines, colored stones, different leaves, flowers and coins of different countries.


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