Many kings and rulers in the olden days preserved their excess wealth in different ways and methods. Most of them used the method of keeping their wealth in boxes and buried underground. Some of them arranged to keep their wealth along with their dead bodies. Such treasures are being excavated by people of all the times. Treasures may contain gold, diamonds and other valuable stones. As they belong to olden days they will have high value for their antique nature in addition to their current market price.

Items found in treasures will have a historical nature. They can disclose the culture and ways of living of people during those periods. So treasure is not a wealth of money but also a wealth of culture and heritage.

As finding a treasure gives lot of wealth, hunting for treasures is ever going on. Many superstitions exist while hunting for a treasure. People attribute some deities to the treasures they search for and try to give human life sacrifice before they start a treasure-hunt. People who found the treasure also try to kill each other to takeover their shares.

Treasure is a wealth gained by people mostly by doing wars, doing robberies, looting people and taxing the public. Fighting and deaths do happen in treasure hunting. Thus searching for a treasure is not at all a pleasure.


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