Fortune favors the brave. Why brave only? A brave person tries to open all doors without fear or hesitation. When all the doors are opened a fortune should be there behind one of the doors. Thus a fortune comes to brave people only.

Any favor more than required is a fortune. It may be money, good advice or a relationship. Human being should always be social and improve his contacts and associations while keeping the previous of them intact as far as possible. Most important requirement being a good and sharp filter brain. As a swan is said to drink milk separating water, humans should be able to filter bad and receive good only from the society.

All good is be favored and when it comes in abundant, it will become a fortune. There is no need to hesitate that all fortunes are exhausted and no more are there left for us. Universe is expanding every second. New opportunities are always coming up and new doors are available for the brave forever.


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