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It is very simple that to be ‘simple’ is to be without any complexities. Simplicity is the state of naturalism.  Nature is very beautiful and was created by the God. Humans were also created by the God and they too are beautiful when they are simple. A person appears more beautiful after taking a head bath, combs his hair and dresses simply than he puts on make-ups.

Speaking truth is simple. It avoids all future blames. Simple tunes are pleasant to sing and hear. Buildings with simple design are more homely and affordable. Simple colors meaning the basic colors are cooling to our eyes.

Everything should be simple to keep the society calm, pleasant and happy. I hope this post on ‘simple’ should also be as simple as possible.



I am hungry. I want food. Went to a restaurant. Bearer is not satisfied with my request to give me some food. He pointed to the menu card in front of me and asked to pin point at a specific item. I did it. I have to be specific in explaining to others about my requirements. Otherwise they will be helpless even if they are ready to help me.

We should be specific in our thoughts, life planning and targets to be achieved. Being specific saves lot of time and avoids other problems arising out of trial and error approaches.

There may be some problems arising out of being specific. I am allergic to milk and milk products. When I visit my friend, the first thing formally they offer is a cup of tea. I smoothly reject it. But they ask whether I can accept coffee, milk or butter milk as an alternative. But all these items are not suited to my health. The options left before me are; explain them about my allergies,  trouble them to prepare for me some fruit juice as an alternative or  take risk of accepting the tea.

People with specific habits and systems will be branded by the society. Society will split into liking and non-liking groups.