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Giant Wheel

The five fingers of our hand are not of equal size. The shape of our body is not cylindrical. Top to bottom it is uneven. Ups and downs are a natural      phenomena. A giant wheel always tells us the same.

Earth is of zero potential. Everything on it should be neutral. An equivalent and opposite charge will be always there to neutralize the deviations in a charge. When we go up in an elevator, it is certain that we come down at a later time. I believe in the ‘law of conservation theory’. Matter can neither be created or destroyed. It changes its shape or status only.

A person earning a heap of money is digging a deep cavity in his morals. Big buildings constructed by him above x-axis in the 1st quadrant will create his future below the x-axis in the 2nd quadrant. It does not require a re-birth for him to make his account neutral.

A giant wheel is a thing of joy. I hope I should not spoil the same by this deep analysis and reminding the incidents where some cabins of giant wheels met with accidents.