Empty vessels make noise and a full pot rarely spills. A person with good knowledge can be easily recognized by his calm appearance. How a person can be calm in the present society of tensions and anxieties?

Study of the situations prevailing will help us to calculate and estimate the things to happen. An idea about general knowledge and human psychology will help us to do better in such instances.  For example when we are stuck up in a queue, anxiety and enthusiasm are to be controlled. Keeping calm is the only solution left except dropping out from the queue will be appropriate during that moment.

Weather will be calm before a storm strikes. Tiger maintains deadly silence before it attacks. A chess expert is seen very calm before he spells a ‘check mate’.  Let us deal carefully while facing people appearing calm.


Curiosity and interest will take a major part in enthusiasm. Interest to know the subject and curiosity to know the next happening are essential for a work to be completed successfully. Worker having both of them will show enthusiasm to make the work more fruitful.

A lot of other things make an employee or worker enthusiastic. A comfortable office atmosphere, offer of incentives and a pat of appreciation will generate enthusiasm in the employee. Innovative ideas, research and development oriented discussions among staff will be beneficial to an organisation.

Not only in occupation but also in personal life of an individual, enthusiasm will help to make everyone happy. Everyone cannot show enthusiasm because it is the talent of an individual.


Fortune favors the brave. Why brave only? A brave person tries to open all doors without fear or hesitation. When all the doors are opened a fortune should be there behind one of the doors. Thus a fortune comes to brave people only.

Any favor more than required is a fortune. It may be money, good advice or a relationship. Human being should always be social and improve his contacts and associations while keeping the previous of them intact as far as possible. Most important requirement being a good and sharp filter brain. As a swan is said to drink milk separating water, humans should be able to filter bad and receive good only from the society.

All good is be favored and when it comes in abundant, it will become a fortune. There is no need to hesitate that all fortunes are exhausted and no more are there left for us. Universe is expanding every second. New opportunities are always coming up and new doors are available for the brave forever.


In spite of powerful lubricants a machine needs a rest to cool itself. In the same way a human body also needs rest at periodical intervals to get itself reequipped. To relax is an essential and routine requirement of a human body. Without knowing its importance many people cut down the time of relaxation and spend it for more work to get more pay.

Relaxation reduces speed of metabolism in our body. Yoga also gives relaxation to our body. Anger, anxiety and worries will damage our health. Relaxation during those moments will sooth and calm down our mind.

Deep breathing with long inhalation and exhalation is one method of relaxing. Sleep is the best and natural way of relaxation. Sleeplessness is a health disorder and a serious problem.

Relaxing during anger keeps ourselves and surrounding people in a decent atmosphere. Thus relaxing is good for all people.


A tiger needs to search, wait and run to catch its prey to satisfy its hunger. Man also has to run after it and hunt an animal for his food. But fishing is entirely different from hunting. Fish it self comes to eat the bait and caught to the hook of the line. Man just sits silently with his fishing rod in his hand and waits for the moment the fish is caught. It is just a cheating. There is no heroism that appeared in his hunting in his fishing.

To catch fish which are in a different habitat where a man cannot go, fishing is the alternate. In hunting, man selects his prey for hunting but it fishing a fish itself selects the man and gets caught.

The only food that is mostly used across the world for mankind as well as for many animals is fish. The reproduction of fish is capable of meeting it’s demand by the world. It is also a wonder of the Nature.


Run away from a situation is not a solution to the problem. Though to flee from a problem seems safer and comfortable, it gives more benefit when it is faced with.

We do workout straining our muscles. But in turn muscles get strengthened with the workout. An employee who works more will get more experience. A doctor who examines more patients gets more exposure. Thus all problems are to be faced with than to flee from them. Face the problem and find a solution. Problem will not repeat and the solution may be useful for others at a future time.

Fleeing away from problems makes a man unsocial. When we face problems we have to get the help of our relatives, friends and society members. More minds give more solutions and it may become easy to get over the problem.

A thing to be remembered is when a ‘Tiger’ attacks us then ‘Flee’ itself is the only solution!


It is a common word heard in most of the offices where some documents go missing and later found after a strenuous search. The reason for the same is quite simple as lack of proper organization of the documents. Indexing, filing and categorization of documents and files will avoid searching time for the missing documents.

 The same fact is true in the life of a human being. He is born and brought up in a family with lot of relations. Studied and spent his career among a lot of colleagues and friends. Without proper maintenance of cordial relations and contacts, he will be missing many of them and very few are left by the time he reaches the end of his life.

Missing of any thing will be an incomplete state. A small line or even a faint color will become a prominent drawback for a good painting. Perfection is incomplete when anything is missing in it.